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2013-07-29  07:12:22
I don't know, I think you're way off the mark here. Then again, I don't hate conservatives. I just don't ptulicrlaray like the tone of know-it-all, inflexible arrogance that so many of the conservative movement's loudest mouthpieces feel the need to use in order to make the case. Particularly when it comes to addressing liberals , or even those who lean any degree left of center. Perhaps that is motivational to the base, like minds and all of that. But when I'm trying to explore different viewpoints and perspectives in the larger world, it's a real turn off. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that conservatives tend to be incredibly exclusionary when it comes to making their case to the masses (as you term them). I've come to believe that's by design, and that the movement isn't interested in anyone with less than pure conservative thought synapses joining the fold.

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